What is dry needling and how can it help you?
Dry Needling is the use of Acupuncture needles  directly over and into a Trigger Point.  On hitting a Trigger Point the muscle will twitch/jump. This localised twitch response shows change has occurred and the  needle has done its work.
Dry Needling:
  • For Chronic pain maybe your best and only solution
  • Can be less painful and more effective than manual therapy
  • Returns length to a shortened muscle instantly
  • Produces long lasting results by targeting the true cause of your chronic pain.
Dene qualified under the guidance of John Sharkey in 2006. He started out practising  the technique on rugby players (front row forwards). He now has refined his technique and gets excellent results with people who are  deskbound with Neck and Shoulder issues.


How is it different from acupuncture? 

Dry Needling uses Acupuncture needles for the treatment of chronic radiating pain caused by Trigger Points. Acupuncture is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for a whole range of health problems, including diseases.

Trigger Points are little nodules in taut bands of muscle. Taut bands shorten the muscle inhibiting muscle function. Dry needling releases the taut bands and reduces the pain caused by Trigger Points. Trigger Points are found in the belly of a muscle, some acupressure points are also found in the middle of a muscle but these are not the same thing.

Only active Trigger Points are needled, we know when a Trigger Point is active because when pressure is applied to the area, pain and/or sensations radiate. For example a Trigger Point in the shoulder has a common pain referral pattern felt up into the head, sometimes behind the ear. This is different from an acupressure point that has localized pain or is a point that is always tender.

Unlike acupuncture the needle is manipulated up and down to get a local twitch response to make the muscle jump. This twitch response is the muscle relaxing and releasing the taut bands the Trigger Points lie in.

What is happening when we get a twitch response?

The twitch response is energy or if you like electricity being released through the taut band. A Trigger Point is an area that isn’t getting good blood flow and has a build up of toxins and debris. The needle is inserted into this blockage making a connection, then energy flows through the muscle giving the body a chance to release the tension it was holding. When we get a twitch response we know something good has happened, change has occurred. Trigger Points inhibit muscle function, inhibited muscles do not respond well to strengthening or stretching. With the removal of the Trigger Points the muscle will return to health and respond well to physical therapy. The video below shows what the desired twitch response looks like.