Acupuncture is used in Chinese medicine for a whole range of health problems.

Dry Needling is used for the treatment of muscular pain.
Unlike acupuncture the needle is manipulated up and down to get a Twitch response. The twitch response is the muscle relaxing and releasing the localised spasm caused by a Trigger point.

Dene uses one needle at a time and leaves them in for up to a minute.

Dry needling should not hurt.

The needles are so fine you may not feel them going in.  Yes there may be a very small initial twinge. But as soon as the Trigger point is released there is usually instant relief.

With skills built up over 15 years Dene knows exactly where the Trigger points lie, and can place the needle expertly into a trigger point. The closer to the point the more effective it is and the less manipulation needs to be done.

If you have had a bad Dry needling experience in the past this is most likely due to poor technique.

Dry needling is much more effective and less painful for the treatment of chronic muscular pain caused by Trigger points. Massage is just too superficial to get rid of a stubborn and well established knot. Massage can be effective but the results are not long lasting.

Dry Needling works very differently to massage, acupuncture needles are placed into the Trigger points for a twitch response. The twitch response is the muscle relaxing and releasing the spasm around the Trigger point.  The change happens in an instant, many clients have likened it to ‘magic’.

If you think of the spasm as blocked electricity. The needle is like dropping a fuse into a circuit board and the electricity can then flow through the blockage.

Especially effective for conditions such as plantar fasciitis and teeth grinding (bruxism).

After Dry Needling Trigger points Deep Tissue massage to the area will be less painful.

The muscle is more relaxed and will respond well to manual Therapy and other muscle energy techniques.

Dry Needling is the first step on the path to fitness and rehabilitation. By getting rid of the knots you will have increased range of motion and without the knots a muscle can repair and grow stronger.

This will allow you to continue or start exercise programs.

Please note: When a muscle is in serve spasm particularly the spinal muscles then an immediate Dry needling session is not appropriate.

The spasms need time before intervention in cases like these you should check with your doctor and rest.