A tight Iliotibial Band (ITB) pulls the knee out of alignment causing knee pain. It can also affect mobility in the hip joint and lower back.

What is the ITB?

It is the big tendon that runs along the outside of thigh. Because of its location the ITB is very hard to stretch.

What causes the ITB to tighten:

  • Sports such as cycling and running long distances.
  • Contact sports when trauma (‘dead leg’) is suffered to the side of the leg.
  • Trigger points and knots.
  • The Hamstring/Quadricep muscles can adhere to the ITB, inhibiting muscle function.

Sports massage on and alongside the ITB:

  • Improves flexibility and freedom of movement.
  • Takes the tiredness out of the legs.
  • Prevents injury.
  • Releases tension off the knee improving knee alignment.
  • Increases strength and power.

Dry Needling Trigger points in the ITB:

  • In an instant does the work of 3 sports massage sessions, saving you a lot of time,money and pain!
  • Provides long lasting results.

Dene has expert palpation skills to find troublesome Trigger Points. He has over 10 years of Dry needling experience.


Self treatment using rollers, balls and products like ‘the stick’:

      • Warms up the area.
      • Maintains flexibility.
      • Prevents knee issues.
      • Uses broad strokes. Using broad strokes over a tender area is painful.
      • Will not breakdown a stubborn knot.
      • Is more effective after Sports massage.

Poor Knee Alignment

      • Increases wear and tear.
      • Stretches ligaments.
      • Inhibits/weakens Quadricep and Abductors muscles.
      • Decreases shock absorbing qualities of the knee.

To test your knee alignment walk towards a mirror and observe whether your knee is tracking over your second toe. A tight ITB will cause deviation from this movement pattern.
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